Meet the Team - Anastasia Usacheva, Brand & Digital Growth

Meet the Team – Anastasia Usacheva, Brand & Digital Growth

SaffronBlue.aiMeet the Team – Anastasia Usacheva, Brand & Digital Growth

Our Meet the Team series is all about giving our team members an opportunity to share with you what drives them inside and outside This time we had the pleasure of sitting down with Anastasia Usacheva, our Brand & Digital Growth Lead to pick her brain about what makes a unique AI Startup.

What do you do at

My role covers a broad spectrum of responsibilities, I work closely with our co-founders on nurturing and promoting our brand, through digital marketing, collaborations and social media. Excitingly, I get to take part in the UI / UX design of our products and drive conversations about and with our users. I find it vital to be close to the ‘front lines’ as I feedback insights from our technical department into the overall brand vision and vice versa.

What do you enjoy most about working for

The lack of hard borders between our brand and our technology. Our human centric approach is the DNA running through the entire business. We flourish on sharing information and ideas. Our business is built on collaboration and knowledge sharing.

What do you find unique about

Our human centric approach, in fact, it’s why I joined Our mission is not to replace or automate humans and their tasks, instead we augment the impact that humans naturally make and help them amplify their capabilities.

What values drive you?

Curiosity, it is the driving force behind innovation and being truly human-centric. Taking a genuine interest in the needs of users and clients, and then identifying unique solutions. Collaboration is key to delivering these solutions, innovation and progress doesn’t happen in isolation.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I am very fortunate to come from an international background. While I am originally Russian, I was raised across the United States, Germany and Russia and can’t resist traveling and discovering new places. When I am not jumping from country to country, I enjoy painting and discovering local wildlife.

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