Meet the Founders - Wilson Chan, CEO & Co-Founder

Meet the Founders – Wilson Chan, CEO & Co-Founder

SaffronBlue.aiMeet the Founders – Wilson Chan, CEO & Co-Founder

At we use the latest in computer vision and deep learning techniques to build the next generation of human centric AI products. Our Meet the Team series is all about giving you more insight into the humans behind our technology and giving them an opportunity to share what drives them inside and outside work.

To kick off the series we interviewed, Wilson Chan, Permutable’s CEO and co-founder to share with you what drives

What do you do at

I am a math and programming geek coupled with my banking acumen, I use these to ensure our decisions strengthen Permutable’s position to deliver impactful solutions.

My job is to steer the company in the right direction and ensure we make the right contributions to the AI landscape which I firmly believe will be equivalent to the next industrial revolution.

What do you enjoy most about working for

Working in AI in itself is very gratifying, it is a perfect mix of math, computer science and human understanding. Working at the front lines of emerging and disruptive technology requires a strong and passionate team and it’s a pleasure to lead it. Permutable is made up of diverse and complementary personalities and skills, it’s rewarding to see them working in harmony and operating at a very high level.

Everyone at Permutable is united by our mission to change the relationship between humans and AI by constantly challenging the status quo and delivering unique solutions.

What do you find unique about

Our team, you can feel that all team members are ensync and everyone around you love what they do. It’s what makes the difference between ‘doing just enough’ to ‘going above and beyond’.

We are lucky to work in a converted boathouse near Richmond on the River Thames. It’s a great place to work, and we all look forward to a new day in the office.

What values drive you ?

I am a problem-solver at heart and working within AI constantly provides opportunities for us to apply our technology to real life problems.

Learning and understanding are also important for me, working within a rapidly expanding industry, it’s vital to consistently improve and develop.

Finally, playing! Working with cutting edge technology on a daily basis is extremely rewarding and allows room to play and test our solutions on new and exciting problems. This is a key value for we are just as excited about our products as our clients.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I do a lot of free-style rock climbing across most of the London centres, climbing has a lot in common with problem solving and requires both tactical and strategic decision making as you ascend. Fishing off the river is another one, especially around the Teddington weir (our office location does come handy!). It’s important to make room for quiet and reflection. Naturally, spending time with my 6 year old daughter, she is a great source of inspiration and loves giving feedback on our products.

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