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Access our API or live dashboard templates that will allow you to extract and analyse a wide range of content on companies, enabling you to summarise and investigate company behaviour.






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company reports & monitoring

We provide the most granular breakdown of ethical and investor-related topics on any single company. These reports are based on deep taxonomies suitable for investor, corporate strategy and during M&A activity.






Use our market insights data to gather intelligence on every major company activity such as signs of market dissemination or key prosecution cases. We also provide institutional investor sensitivities to news and complete breakdown analysis on transcripts.

Private Data-sets

Apply your own data-sets to our reporting and sentiment stack. What takes teams weeks or months to assemble can be performed in minutes by our machinese. Our pipeline has been applied to private survey sets and chat / email logs.








Machine Learning Performing at Scale and Precision



Permutable is delighted to announce its entry into ethical monitoring, by using its latest cutting-edge NLP research engine to help clients invest more ethically.

By using artificial intelligence, our research team has built up an extensive database of company ESG (environmental, social, and governance) data using heavy data extraction techniques and state-of-art language modeling to measure the sustainability and societal impact of an investment in a company or business.

This technology enables every one of our clients to scale up their contributions as part of the fight for de-carbonisation and holding companies accountable for their ethical practices.



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5000+ Institutional Managers

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Cutting edge natural language processing modeling inspired by GPT3 and Bert

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UN SDG and Paris Treaty Alignment

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