Permutable makes strides in greenwashing detection: A glimpse into our GFIN TechSprint journey

Our ongoing participation in the Global Financial Innovation Network (GFIN) TechSprint has yielded promising results, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and sustainability. We are delighted to share recent updates on progress in building a framework for greenwashing detection below.

Achievements So Far

In our relentless pursuit of a sustainable future, Permutable has achieved several critical milestones during the GFIN TechSprint to facilitate reliable greenwashing detection using AI/ML models:

  1. Scaling Up Corporate Green Statements: We have successfully developed methods to handle a large number of corporate green statements. This capability allows us to comprehensively assess and scrutinise corporate commitments to sustainability on an unprecedented scale.

  2. Versatile Framework and Standardised Scoring: Our framework has demonstrated remarkable versatility, accommodating various forms of greenwashing while maintaining a standardised scoring system. This versatility ensures a fair and consistent assessment of sustainability claims.

  3. Adaptability for Different Forms of Greenwashing: Our innovative framework is adaptable to different forms of greenwashing, making it a valuable tool for regulators seeking to address evolving challenges in the sustainability landscape.

  4. Customisable for Regulators: Permutable AI’s framework offers the flexibility for customisation by each regulatory body. This adaptability empowers regulators to tailor assessments to their specific needs and objectives.

  5. Scalability Proven: We have demonstrated the scalability of our framework, reinforcing its effectiveness in handling a growing volume of assessments and data.

Next Steps: Expanding Our Reach

As we celebrate these achievements, we are more determined than ever to drive lasting change in the fight against greenwashing. Our next steps include:

  1. Extending Assessments: We plan to extend our assessments to encompass all major companies, exceeding 100 in each participating country. This expansion will provide a more comprehensive understanding of corporate sustainability practices.

  2. Continued Collaboration with Regulators: Permutable AI remains committed to working closely with regulatory bodies. We believe that regulatory cooperation is pivotal to creating a sustainable future and ensuring the integrity of corporate sustainability claims.

Wilson Chan, CEO of Permutable AI commented, “Through our participation in the GFIN TechSprint, we are proud to contribute to the advancement of ethical and sustainable practices in the financial sector and beyond. At Permutable AI, we believe that transparency and accountability are the cornerstones of a greener, more sustainable world.”

“As the CEO of Permutable AI, I am tremendously proud of the remarkable progress we’ve achieved in our mission to combat greenwashing. Our participation in the GFIN TechSprint has not only showcased the versatility and adaptability of our framework but has also highlighted the commitment of our team to driving positive change.”

He continued, “Our journey so far demonstrates our dedication to transparency, sustainability, and innovation. We are excited to continue working closely with regulators to build a future where ethical and sustainable practices are the norm, and greenwashing is a thing of the past. I want to extend my gratitude to our exceptional team and our partners for their unwavering support. Together, we are making meaningful strides towards a more responsible and sustainable world.”

Join Us in the Fight Against Greenwashing

Are you as passionate about sustainability and transparency as we are? Together, we can create a world where ethical practices shine, and greenwashing becomes a distant memory. Join Permutable AI in our journey towards a greener, more responsible future. Get in touch below to find out how we can collaborate today.