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Permutable is an award-winning global market intelligence company. We perform real-time monitoring on over 1.1 million companies and tradeable assets. We use natural language processing models inspired by GPT-3 transformer models and industrial sized datasets, fuelling transparency and accountability. As part of our dedication to helping the planet, we focus our models on carbon emission tracking, supply chain diligence, corporate governance and impact, and full market-scale sentiment on corporate entities.

Begin large-scale ESG tracking of companies


Company Screening

1.1m companies, 100+ countries, procurement process​

Reputational Control

Understand the full reputational risks of your company

Supply Chain Diligence

Full supply chain tracking, adverse risk surveillance

Private Equity Monitoring

Track all private companies and SMEs using our tracking

Use our powerful API to access real-time tracking

Datasets / Modelling

Corporate Emissions

Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions dataset for all major companies

Institutional Behaviour Analysis

Our review on (9000+) institutional investors and their ESG holdings

Carbon Projects

Corporate emission pledge and carbon projects

Emission Scope Modelling

Scope driver modelling backed by UK Government

Trusted by Global Leaders

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