At Permutable AI, we have worked with some of the most trusted leaders across various industries. Our partners have included Glencore, Petrochina/Ineos, St. James’s Place, Brevet Capital, Kroll, Acuity Knowledge Partners and Apex Analytix. These partnerships highlight our dedication to delivering unparalleled AI-driven solutions tailored to meet the complex needs of our clients



We have engaged in a diverse array of R&D and transformation projects that showcase the versatility and power of our AI technologies. Our projects have include developing advanced trading signals through cutting-edge research and development to optimize trading strategies. We have also focused on transformative technical systematic trading initiatives, enhancing capabilities in derivatives markets.

Our innovative data intelligence has been used for equity research services, supporting investment decisions with the latest AI advancements. Additionally, our AI-driven data intelligence has been leveraged for transformative supply chain investigation projects as well as driving transformation in financial services with real-time equity signals. Each project underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in AI applications.

Across these projects we have built customized dashboards as SaaS solutions, providing our clients with tailored, user-friendly interfaces that deliver real-time insights and analytics. Each project highlights our commitment to innovation and excellence in AI-driven applications.


At Permutable AI, we love solving your most challenging problems. We believe that every organization has unique needs, and we’re here to listen, understand, and provide tailored solutions that leverage our advanced technology and deep expertise. Our goal is to help you navigate the complexities of today’s business environment with innovative AI-driven solutions. Here are some of the key areas where we can make a significant impact:

AI transformation can significantly improve decision-making by providing accurate, real-time data analysis. Our tools process vast amounts of information quickly, identifying patterns and trends that humans might miss, enabling more informed and timely decisions, crucial for our clients navigating dynamic markets.

For financial institutions, we have developed advanced predictive analytics. These tools analyze historical and real-time market data to forecast trends, enabling traders and investors to make proactive and profitable decisions. This optimization can help you reduce risk and enhance the efficiency of your trading and investment operations.

Our AI-driven risk management tools identify potential risks and market volatilities before they become critical issues. By analyzing diverse data sources, including financial news, economic indicators, and market sentiment, we can help you mitigate risks effectively, crucial for maintaining financial stability and protecting your investments.

Our AI can automate routine tasks and processes, leading to greater operational efficiency. Our solutions streamline workflows, reduce manual errors, and free up employees to focus on more strategic tasks. By making sense of messy data, we can ensure that your organization can operate smoothly without being bogged down by data inconsistencies, helping you to stay competitive in today’s fast moving business environment. 

Using news sentiment analysis, we help organizations stay ahead of the competition. By monitoring and analyzing news sentiment about competitors, we can help you  gain valuable insights into market trends and public perception, informing strategic planning and marketing efforts, and giving you the competitive edge you need to stay successful.

Our news sentiment analysis can help you track and manage your brand reputation in real-time. We analyze media coverage to gauge public sentiment about your organization, playing a critical role for PR strategies ensuring you can address negative perceptions proactively.

Our AI can help you enhance supply chain transparency and identify risks through supply chain network analysis and real-time monitoring of ESG risks, helping you to maintain a resilient and efficient supply chain and reducing vulnerabilities and improving overall performance. For investors increasingly focused on sustainability and ethical practices, our insights will enable you to scrutinize supply chains more closely..

For companies focused on sustainability, our AI can monitor and analyze ESG-related news and data. helping you to track your ESG performance, or that of any company within our 1.1 million companies data set, helping you to identify areas for improvement and ensuring that regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations are met.

At Permutable AI, we are dedicated to using our advanced technology to solve your unique challenges. We would love to hear more about the challenges you are facing and how we can work together to solve your problems. Why not get in touch to find out more about how we can help you?