Who we are

Permutable is a technology start-up which combines human and machine intelligence to create better AI solutions. By learning from user behaviour and requiring less data, our AI delivers more effective results in a shorter timeframe compared to traditional AI.  Based in London, the company was founded in 2018.

Our Team

Wilson Chan

CEO & Founder

Wilson is a quant turned entrepreneur. As CEO and co-founder of Permutable.ai, Wilson sets the direction of the company, products, and culture. He’s passionate about speeding up the applications of AI and is keen on helping organisations making the next big technological move. Prior to setting up Permutable, Wilson was Head of Solutions for Citibank Asia and also Director at Merrill Lynch.

Wilson holds a First Class degree in Mathematics from UMIST and a Certification in Machine Learning from Stanford University.

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Jon Slinn

Commercial Development  Officer

With 20 years of commercial roles within the UK and the US including at Morgan Stanley, Nortel Networks, and the large scale start up Three Mobile followed by a large stint upscaling multiple technical and sustainability SMEs and start-up businesses, Jon is passionate about sales and business development.

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Artem Nedolugov

Full Stack Engineer

Artem joins our team to focus on building Permutable’s key cloud infrastructure and machine learning deployment. Artem holds a Masters in Information Systems Software with a background in Civil Engineering, he also specialises in cybersecurity and computational fluid dynamics domains.

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Talya Stone

Communications Officer

With fifteen years experience in communications and stakeholder management , having worked with clients including Goldman Sachs, HSBC Private Bank and other big city players, as well as a stint at London’s prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum.

Talya plays a key role in communicating Permutable’s exciting developments and introducing key technology breakthroughs to the market.

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Joshua Ellis

Machine Learning Engineer

Joshua holds a MEng in Electronic Engineering from Durham University where he completed a master’s research project developing a Deep Reinforcement Learning agent for autonomous algorithmic trading on the foreign exchange market. He is passionate about cutting edge AI research and enjoys training for Powerlifting competitions in his free time.

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Sabina Firtala

Data Analytics / Insight

Sabina is a self-professed nerd when it comes to learning in general and machine learning in particular. She brings along extensive expertise: 10 years of Natural Sciences study including MSci in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge in 2020. In her spare time, Sabina enjoys going for runs in the country-side and acts as a mentor in a Data Analytics bootcamp.

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Adam Kirchel

Data Scientist

Joshua holds a first class MEng in Mechanical Engineering from University of Bath. Adam was UK Champion Formula One Student AI in 2021 for his simulation work of the Team Bath Racing vehicle. Adam was also winner of the “IMechE Project Award” for his master’s project in automation architecture for metal forming process utilising neural network architecture.  He is passionate in racquet sports such as tennis, squash and table tennis. 

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Oeslle Lucena

Machine Learning Researcher

Oeslle joins our team as our deep learning researcher, Oeslle has domain expertise in both deep learning and MR imaging where he was made a number of journal publications in this area, he was a research intern at the imaging group UCL and is currently in his final year of PhD at Kings College. In his spare time, he likes to practise his Brazilian Zouk dance skills.

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Our Advisors

Jon Machtynger, PhD

Non-Executive Director

Jon has a PhD in Cognitive Science from University College London and an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from Vrije Universiteit Brussels. From 2016-2019 he was the RAEng visiting Professor at the University of Surrey and now a visiting Research Fellow in AI/Ethics. Jon was CTO for IBM Collaboration until 2019 and then made the switch to join Microsoft to be part of their advanced AI and cloud computing team where he now acts as lead solution architect in Public Sector.

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Jonathan Callcut

Commercial Advisor

Jon has over 30 years of experience in commercial development roles within the technology sector, having led large-scale sale initiatives at Sun Microsystems. Jon is also a very successful entrepeneur having founded and run several software companies such as AssetHouse and online review-based company Revoo.

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Monsur Hussain

ESG, Institutions

With over twenty years work experience in financial services Monsur is a thought-leader in regulatory topics, with an increasing focus on sustainability challenges. He is currently Head of Financial Services research at Fitch Ratings.

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Join us

We are looking for talented and passionate people to join us in a variety of technical roles and push the boundaries with us.