Founded in 2020, Permutable AI’s mission is to revolutionize the landscape of data and business intelligence with cutting-edge AI technology. At the helm of this ambitious venture is Wilson Chan, a visionary entrepreneur and a seasoned expert in artificial intelligence and data-driven solutions. With a deep-seated passion for technology and innovation, Wilson has dedicated his career to exploring the transformative potential of AI. His leadership at Permutable AI is driven by a commitment to excellence, a relentless pursuit of innovation, and a belief in the power of AI to drive positive change in the world. 

Our Mission

At Permutable AI, our mission extends far beyond the conventional boundaries of business intelligence. We strive to empower businesses, investors, and decision-makers with insights that redefine the standards of strategic planning and operational efficiency. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI technology, we transform vast arrays of data into coherent, actionable insights, fundamentally changing how our clients approach investment, trading, risk analysis, ESG criteria, and supply chain management.

Our commitment to promoting transparency is at the core of what we do. We believe in providing a clear, unobstructed view of worldwide companies and their activities, delivering a global pulse on real-time information. This commitment enables our clients to make informed decisions based on the latest trends and data, ensuring they stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market landscape. By understanding how sentiment data influences market behaviour, we offer our clients a unique vantage point, uncovering opportunities and risks that traditional analysis methods might overlook.

In our pursuit of accountability and transparency, we meticulously analyse and condense the world’s topical news, extracting essential insights that hold companies to higher standards of operation and ethics. This rigorous process challenges the status quo, encouraging a more ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible business environment. Our innovative solutions are designed not just to meet the current needs of our clients but to anticipate future challenges, enabling them to navigate the complexities of the global market with confidence and clarity.

By pushing the boundaries of innovation, Permutable AI is building impactful solutions that not only solve today’s problems but also inspire tomorrow’s opportunities. Our approach is rooted in the belief that with the right information, businesses can not only achieve their financial goals but also contribute positively to society and the environment. Through our work, we aim to create a more transparent, accountable, and sustainable world, where data-driven decisions lead to better outcomes for all.

Our vision

At Permutable AI, our vision embodies a commitment to driving transformative change across the global business landscape and sustainability initiatives. We foresee a future where the convergence of artificial intelligence and corporate strategy not only propels businesses to the forefront of their industries but also aligns them with the broader goals of global sustainability and ethical responsibility. By integrating advanced AI technologies into various aspects of business operations—from trading strategies and ESG analysis to supply chain management and impactful sustainability projects—we aim to equip our clients with the insights and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of the modern market with agility and foresight.

Our ambition extends beyond providing a competitive edge; it’s about reshaping the foundation upon which businesses operate, making transparency, accountability, and sustainability integral to corporate DNA. In a world increasingly conscious of its environmental footprint and social impact, our mission is to pioneer a new era of business intelligence where data-driven decisions pave the way for a more sustainable and equitable future. By leveraging AI’s unparalleled analytical capabilities, we can uncover trends, patterns, and insights that remain invisible to traditional analysis, allowing businesses to anticipate changes, mitigate risks, and seize opportunities in real-time.

We envision Permutable AI as a bridge between the relentless pursuit of progress and the imperative of sustainability. Our work in ESG analysis and supply chain due diligence reflects a deep-seated belief that businesses can—and should—play a pivotal role in addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing our planet and its people. Through our efforts, we aspire to inspire a wave of change across industries, encouraging companies to reevaluate their strategies and operations in light of their long-term impact on the world.

As we move forward, our vision for Permutable AI is not just about leading the charge in AI-driven business intelligence; it’s about fostering a global community of forward-thinking leaders, innovators, and change-makers who share our commitment to making a positive impact. Together, we can redefine success in business, not just by the benchmarks of profit and growth, but by the contributions we make towards a more sustainable, just, and prosperous world for all.

Who we work with

Permutable AI’s expertise spans a broad spectrum of industries, offering advanced AI-driven insights to entities ranging from hedge funds and research teams to corporates and journalists. Hedge funds and research teams benefit from our data’s competitive edge, utilising our AI analyses to forecast market trends and make informed decisions. Our insights into market sentiments provide a clearer understanding of potential risks and rewards, crucial for navigating the fast-paced financial sector. Corporates leverage our AI tools for reputation risk management and compliance, staying ahead of rapid reputation changes and navigating regulatory complexities to maintain ethical standards.

Journalists use our accurate and timely insights for their reporting, with our AI-driven solutions distilling the world’s news into essential, actionable information. This enables media professionals to offer a global perspective that supports journalistic integrity in an era dominated by information overload and misinformation. Looking ahead, Permutable AI is dedicated to establishing strategic partnerships with global organisations, aiming to extend the reach of our AI insights and foster innovation. These collaborations are intended to build a network committed to leveraging technology for positive global change, amplifying our impact across borders.

Our work with these diverse groups not only furthers individual success stories but also contributes to our overarching goal of transforming data into meaningful action. By providing cutting-edge solutions and insights, we enable our clients to make informed decisions, thereby advancing the broader objective of fostering a more informed, ethical, and sustainable future. Permutable AI’s commitment to innovation, quality, and impactful solutions cements our position as a trusted partner in the global journey toward leveraging data for positive change, underscoring our role in redefining how businesses, investors, and decision-makers approach their strategies and operations in an increasingly complex world.


Wilson Chan Founder & CEO Permutable AI

Wilson Chan

CEO / Founder

With twenty years of industry in capital markets, Wilson sets the direction of the company, products, and culture. Having spent large amounts of time building machine-learning-trading systems, he was previously head of solutions for Citibank Asia. Wilson holds a First Class degree in Mathematics from UMIST and a Certification in Machine Learning from Stanford University.

Talya Stone CMO Permutable AI

Talya Stone

Chief Marketing Officer

With fifteen years experience in communications and stakeholder management, having worked with clients including Goldman Sachs, HSBC Private Bank and other big city players, as well as a stint at London’s prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum. Talya plays a key role in communicating Permutable’s exciting developments and introducing key technology breakthroughs to the market.

Thomas Quinton

Thomas Quinton

Chief commercial officer

Thomas Quinton, Chief Commercial Officer, is a seasoned tech entrepreneur and growth advisor with 11 years at Accenture. As co-founder of REPL, a global retail tech company, he led its growth from inception to over 650 staff, generating £100m+ revenue pa. The company was successfully sold to Accenture in 2021, and Thomas has now fully exited.

Manuela Moollan - Permutable AI - Regional Director of Asia

Manuela Moollan

Regional Director for Asia

Manuela leads Permutable AI’s expansion in the Asia region. Based in Singapore, Manuela brings 20 years of experience in sustainability both as a consultant with multinationals, financial institutions and NGOs and as an entrepreneur in impact ventures. She is an advisor for the environmental NGO Client Earth. She holds a Masters in Corporate Law from University of Paris-II.


Dr Jon Machtynger

Non-Executive Director

Jon is an independent consultant and visiting research fellow in AI and Ethics. He brings decades of technology strategy, machine learning, cloud-based architecture solutions and large scale project deployment across many multi-national clients.

Monsur Hussain


With a distinguished reputation in the financial sector for his expertise in regulatory governance and ESG, Monsur currently serves as the Head of Research at Fitch Ratings Global where he leads the research team, providing insights and strategic perspectives to guide informed decision-making.


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