Our market intelligence empowers you with the knowledge to navigate complex global markets. Our world macro and events market intelligence, integrated within our global sentiment and news tracking service, provides a powerful lens to understand how major events are impacting markets in real-time. Our unique offering goes beyond just reporting current events. We provide a comprehensive analysis that incorporates both real-time and historical data to give you a complete picture. This allows you to not only be aware of what’s happening now, but also anticipate how these events might influence markets based on past trends.

Our market intelligence goes beyond just delivering raw data. Our actionable insights delve into how news surrounding a wide range of macro events and economic indicators, including natural disasters, elections, weather, consumer spending, employment, inflation, economic growth, pandemics, global conflicts, government stimulus packages, and quantitative easing, is affecting market sentiment. This granular coverage ensures you have the information you need to make informed decisions.

By leveraging our world macro and events market intelligence, you can gain a significant advantage. You’ll be able to identify potential market disruptions caused by major events and adjust your strategies accordingly. This will equip you to make data-driven investment choices and capitalize on opportunities by anticipating market shifts based on real-time news analysis. Ultimately, our market intelligence empowers you to reduce risk and thrive in today’s dynamic global market.



How big is your dataset ?

We perform real-time tracking and store entire sets of data from over 5000 reliable news sources starting from the 2018 effectively giving you 6 years worth of data.

What is the quality of your sources ?

Our source data are checked for historical persistency and are verified by search engines such as google and have been assessed based on their global domain authority scores

Do you scrape your data ?

No, we access data the same way as most major AI tech companies or news aggregators

How do I enquire about your datasets ?

Send us a message at regarding your requirements and a member of our team will get back to you.


					Day of Publication Time,Level 1,Level 2,Source,link,Headline,Avg. Sentiment
08-Jan-18,Extreme Weather,Heat,The Independent,"","ICC criticised for lack of policy on playing in excessive heat after Joe Root is hospitalised in Sydney",-0.869358757
09-Jan-18,Extreme Weather,Heat,EurekAlert,"","HKBU and CUHK discovered that human-perceived temperature is rising faster than actual air temperature",-0.00581477
12-Jan-18,Extreme Weather,Heat,The Independent,"","Global warming set to exceed Paris agreement's 1.5C limit by 2040s, according to draft UN report",-0.427673021
18-Jan-18,Extreme Weather,Heat,Bloomberg,"","Last Year Was One of Three Hottest Ever Recorded", WMO Says",0.752303873
18-Jan-18,Extreme Weather,Heat,EURACTIV,"","IPCC 1.5°C report: A clarion call for EU action on climate",-0.01381373
18-Jan-18,Extreme Weather,Heat,Reuters,"","2017 was second or third warmest year, behind 2016 - U.N.",0.942202309
18-Jan-18,Extreme Weather,Heat,The Hill,"","Overnight Energy: Last year was the second-hottest on record | Keystone XL hits milestone | Bridenstine to bring Bill Nye to SOTU",0.970428875
18-Jan-18,Extreme Weather,Heat,Toronto Star,"","2017 was the second hottest year on record, NASA says. And it wasn’t even an El Nino year",0.561815171