ethical AI development

Permutable AI’s CEO reveals strategies for ethical AI development

In this interview, Permutable AI’s CEO Wilson Chan shared insights into the company’s approach to developing ethical AI. As the use of AI becomes increasingly widespread, concerns around its ethical implications have grown. In response, Permutable AI has been actively working to ensure that their AI technologies are developed in a way that aligns with

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supply chain start-up

Permutable AI chosen as finalist for European Supply Chain Start-up Contest 2023

Supply chain start-up and ESG intelligence provider Permutable AI is thrilled to announce its selection as one of the three finalists for the European Supply Chain Start-up Contest 2023. The European Supply Chain Start-up Contest, organized by Supply Chain Media, is a highly respected competition that recognizes the best and brightest companies in the supply chain

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company carbon emissions estimates

Permutable improves accuracy of company carbon emissions estimates by up to 97%

The importance of transparency in relation to company carbon emissions has grown significantly in recent years due to the growing awareness of the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the environment and the urgent need to address climate change. Companies, governments, and other organizations are increasingly being held accountable for their carbon emissions, and are

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sustainable business practices at the London Sustainability Forum

London Sustainability Forum 2023: Key takeaways and sustainable business practices

Earlier this month, Permutable attended the London Sustainability Forum organised by King Stage Business School and the RSA, which delivered an insightful view into how companies can control their impact to achieve environmental objectives and meet sustainability goals through sustainable business practices. The conference conveyed a sincere message on the potential for companies to improve

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Permutable to launch AI tool to identify greenwashing in 2023

Greenwashing has become the scourge of sustainability, leading to confusion and lack of credibility concerning net-zero targets. More than 95 percent of consumer products claiming to be green are guilty of at least one count of greenwashing. Meanwhile “sustainable” funds have been found guilty of investing in unsustainable businesses, involved in areas such as fossil fuels and deforestation. Just last month, Amundi

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