political data intelligence

Permutable AI launches political data intelligence BETA program 2024

Permutable AI is thrilled to announce the launch of our Political Intelligence BETA testing program, marking a significant step towards redefining the landscape of political data intelligence analysis. With a mission to harness the transformative power of AI for positive global change, we are paving the way for cutting-edge innovations in political data intelligence. An

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Governance in pharmaceutical industry

Governance in pharmaceutical industry: Permutable AI reveals worst perceived pharmaceutical companies for governance in 2024

The pharmaceutical sector is currently navigating through some of its most challenging times, exacerbated recently by a tragic incident involving a young patient and Pfizer’s experimental therapy. As regulators tighten their oversight, we at Permutable AI are here to shed light on the governance challenges within the industry, emphasizing the importance of governance in the

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worst companies for deforestation

Permutable releases updated deforestation impact ranking 2024 revealing worst companies for deforestation

In an analysis released today to mark International Day of Forests, Permutable AI unveils its 2024 Best and Worst Companies For Deforestation Impact Ranking, spotlighting corporate deforestation practices.  Using state-of-the-art AI and sentiment analysis, Permutable AI has meticulously analysed over 500,000 articles from an average of 10,000 sources daily. This robust analysis aims to gauge public

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companies worst perceive for consumer protection 2024 Amazon, Walmart, CVS Health, Ryan Air

Permutable AI unveils consumer protection sentiment 2024 rankings: Amazon, Walmart, and CVS rank worst

At Permutable AI, we are pleased to announce our latest analysis on consumer protection sentiment, highlighting companies perceived as falling short in protecting consumer rights across the globe. The analysis, leveraging cutting-edge AI and sentiment analysis, analyzes vast amounts of data from various sources to gauge public and market opinions on corporate consumer protection practices. This

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clean and affordable energy

Permutable AI releases leaders in clean and affordable energy solutions corporate ranking ahead of International Energy Week 2024

Ahead of International Energy Week, Permutable AI has released its latest rankings of the companies best perceived for clean and affordable energy solutions based on our news sentiment analysis and market intelligence. This list showcases those that are perceived to be at the helm of the clean and affordable energy revolution, with Schneider Electric, ABB,

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