Seeking the truth in all things: Permutable AI CEO discusses innovative data intelligence on Disruptive LIVE

This month, our Founder and CEO Wilson Chan was down at the Disruptive LIVE studios , home of the latest tech content, where he discussed the innovative work of our company in the realm of data intelligence and our mission of seeking the truth in all things. In the interview, he highlighted Permutable AI’s unique approach seeking the truth in all things by tracking truth events around the world and our pioneering use of transformer models for text summarization and labelling.

During the interview, he talked through our company’s mission to provide accurate and comprehensive data intelligence. “It was great to be able to share our mission at Permutable AI over on Disruptive LIVE, and our dedication to seeking the truth in events from around the globe,” Chan stated. “We discussed how our technology enables us to analyze and verify information across a wide range of themes, including politics, war, weather, and the economic climate.”

Seeking the truth in all things: Truth events and data intelligence

During the interview, Chan explained the concept of “truth events,” which are critical incidents or themes that Permutable AI monitors across different countries. These themes encompass a broad spectrum, from political upheavals and conflicts to extreme weather events and economic shifts. By focusing on these truth events, we aim to offer a clearer, unbiased view of global occurrences in our relentless pursuit of seeking the truth in all things.

“We track country-specific themes to provide our users with the most accurate and relevant information,” he explains. “Whether it’s political crisis in one country or an economic downturn in another, our technology helps ensure that the data we present is both comprehensive and precise, and this is something we explored in more detail during the interview.”

Early adoption of transformer models

One of the standout points of the interview was Permutable AI’s early adoption of transformer models for text summarization and labeling. These models, which have revolutionized natural language processing (NLP), allow us to process vast amounts of text data efficiently and accurately.

“We explored how we were among the early adopters of transformer models, which has given us a significant advantage in the field of data intelligence,” Chan noted. “These models enable us to summarize large volumes of text and accurately label content, making it easier for our users to find the information they need.”

Public access to ESG reports

You may not know this, but as part of our commitment to our impact work, at Permutable AI, we provide publicly accessible and free ESG reports. These reports offer valuable insights into the ESG performance of various companies, helping stakeholders make informed decisions but can be very costly to access for the most part. However, at Permutable, our dedication to transparency and accessibility in this area has earned us a high ranking, with the many our ESG reports ranking on the first page of Google searches.  

“We talked about why we decided to put out our ESG reports for free to the public and how it’s a crucial part of our mission to promote transparency and accountability,” Chan shared. “We believe that making this information readily available helps drive positive change and encourages companies to improve their ESG performance.”

Preserving digital data integrity

Another critical aspect of our work at Permutable AI was discussed by Chan – the tracking and retention of historical digital human content from tens of thousands of global websites. This effort is aimed at preserving digital data integrity for future generations, ensuring that valuable information remains accessible and accurate over time.

“We talked about the importance of  preserving digital data integrity and how by retaining historical content from a vast array of sources, we help ensure that this information remains intact and reliable, even as the digital landscape continues to evolve and articles are being constantly removed from the internet.”

Our CEO and Founder’s appearance on Disruptive LIVE highlights how as a small yet mighty start up, we are recognised for our commitment to innovation and vision for the future of data intelligence. By leveraging advanced technologies and focusing on truth events we will continue to set new standards in the industry.

Stay tuned for the release of the interview over on Disruptive LIVE LinkedIn page this summer.