Welcome to our World Events data intelligence, your go-to destination for comprehensive insights into key global events shaping the world today covering a wide range of topics, including elections, pandemics, and wars.


Gain unparalleled insights into political events worldwide with Permutable AI's elections data. Explore our comprehensive collection of global full news sources and sentiment data covering elections from 2018 to the present. From presidential races to parliamentary elections, our data provides in-depth sentiment analysis on political campaigns, and voter sentiment.


Delve into the complexities of global wars and conflicts with Permutable AI's Wars section. Explore our extensive database of global full news sources and sentiment data on wars from 2018 to the present. From regional conflicts to international tensions, get detailed insights into geopolitical dynamics, military strategies, and humanitarian crises and stay informed about conflict hotspots, peace negotiations, and security threats,


Stay ahead of global health crises with our real-time data intelligence on pandemics around the world from 2018 to the present, including news sources and sentiment data. Our platform offers comprehensive coverage of pandemic-related events, public health responses, and economic impacts. Monitor pandemic trends, track government interventions, and assess public sentiment to navigate the complexities of health crises.


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The use of our comprehensive world events data sentiment analysis including elections, global wars and pandemics that can be applied in a variety of practical scenarios. Below are some specific use cases for how our data on recent events in the world can be applied in each category, showcasing how businesses, policymakers, researchers, and investors can use our data feeds and analysis:

Permutable AI’s world elections sentiment data intelligence can be used by political campaign strategists, candidates and political parties to analyze sentiment trends and public perceptions during political campaigns. Our elections sentiment data can be used to identify key issues and sentiments driving voter behaviour to optimize campaign strategies and messaging. It can also be used to monitor competitor activities and sentiment to adjust campaign tactics in real-time for maximum impact.

Asset managers and investors can use our global conflicts sentiment data to assess geopolitical risks and their potential impact on investment portfolios. Our global wars and conflicts sentiment data can be used to identify regions of heightened instability or emerging security threats so that geopolitical risk analysis can be incorporated into investment strategies to mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunities in volatile regions.

Humanitarian organizations, NGOs, and government agencies responsible for crisis response and aid allocation can use our war and conflicts sentiment data intelligence to gain insights into humanitarian crises and conflict-affected regions to prioritize aid allocation and inform decision-making.

Public health agencies, government bodies, and policymakers are the clients can use our pandemic sentiment analysis data as they seek to track global health crises and pandemic-related events to inform policy development and response planning, ensuring effective public health measures and communication strategies.

Media agencies, public relations firms, and corporate communications teams can use our global wars and conflicts sentiment data to to track global news sources and sentiment data to inform crisis communication strategies and maintain public trust and confidence during times of uncertainty.

Corporate risk managers and executives can use our global conflicts news sentiment data to monitor geopolitical risks, pandemics, and other global events that may impact business operations, supply chains, and financial performance. By analyzing sentiment data and news coverage, organizations can proactively identify and mitigate risks, ensuring business continuity and resilience.


Our world events data intelligence involves the analysis of global events and geopolitical developments to extract insights into their impact on various sectors and markets worldwide. Through advanced data processing techniques, we analyze a diverse range of sources to understand the implications of significant events on businesses, economies, and societies.

We use a wide range of full news sources from around the globe for our analysis. These sources include reputable news agencies, financial publications, government reports, industry journals, and more. By aggregating data from diverse sources, we ensure comprehensive coverage and accurate insights into world events including global conflicts and political tensions, world elections and pandemics. Our platform harnesses the power of natural language processing and sentiment analysis to extract valuable information from these sources, enabling us to provide actionable insights to our users.

Our world events data intelligence offers insights into emerging trends, geopolitical risks and societal shifts on a global scale. By deciphering the significance of events and their interconnectedness, we empower decision-makers to anticipate changes, adapt strategies, and navigate uncertainties effectively.

Our world events data intelligence serves as a strategic tool for decision-making across diverse sectors, including finance, geopolitics, supply chain management, risk assessment, and corporate strategy. By staying informed about global events and their implications, you can identify opportunities, mitigate risks, optimize resource allocation, and enhance resilience in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

Yes, our world events data intelligence is continuously updated in real-time or at regular intervals, ensuring that our analysis reflects the latest developments and trends. By providing timely insights, we enable our clients to stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions in rapidly evolving global environments.

Absolutely. We offer access to historical data on significant world events.  Historical data enables retrospective analysis, trend identification, and scenario planning, facilitating a deeper understanding of past events and their lasting impact on the world stage.

Our pricing for our world events data feeds is structured per category and is based on the number of seats you require for the data feed. We offer flexible pricing options ranging from a single seat for individual users to business and enterprise levels for larger organizations with multiple users. The pricing may vary depending on the specific categories of monetary policy data you require access to and the level of subscription you choose. For more detailed pricing information tailored to your needs, please contact our team at, and they will be happy to assist you further.

Ready to gain actionable insights from global events? Explore Permutable AI’s World Events data intelligence to access real-time data and analysis on elections, pandemics, wars and conflicts, and more. Empower your decision-making and stay ahead of the curve in today’s dynamic world.