Explore our comprehensive economic data and insights into global economic indicators and trends.


Explore global full news sources and sentiment data on consumer spending trends from 2018 to the present. From retail sales and e-commerce trends to consumer sentiment and purchasing behaviour, our platform provides in-depth analysis on consumer expenditure to help you understand the dynamics driving consumption spending patterns worldwide. Stay informed about shifts in consumer preferences, economic drivers, and sentiment analysis to make informed decisions and drive business growth.


Delve into global full news sources and sentiment data on employment indicators from 2018 to the present. Whether it's job creation, unemployment rates, or workforce participation, our platform offers comprehensive coverage of employment data to help you gauge the health of labour markets across the globe. Analyse sentiment trends, assess workforce dynamics, and identify opportunities for talent acquisition and workforce management strategies.


Access global full news sources and sentiment data on GDP trends from 2018 to the present. Our platform provides valuable insights into economic growth, output, and productivity indicators, allowing you to track GDP growth and identify macroeconomic trends shaping global markets. Stay ahead on news about the development of the economy, analyse sentiment fluctuations, and anticipate shifts in GDP growth rate to inform investment decisions and strategic planning.


Explore global full news sources and sentiment data on inflation rate trends from 2018 to the present. From consumer price indices to inflationary pressures and monetary policy implications, our platform offers comprehensive coverage of inflation data to help you assess price dynamics and latest inflation rate trends worldwide. Analyse sentiment trends, monitor current inflation rate expectations, and mitigate risks associated with inflationary pressures to safeguard your business operations and investments.


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The use of our comprehensive economic data sentiment analysis across consumer spending, employment, GDP growth, and inflation provides valuable insights that can be applied in a variety of practical scenarios. Below are some specific use cases for each category that showcase how businesses, policymakers, researchers, and investors can use our data feeds and analysis:

Retail business strategy development: Retailers can use our consumer spending sentiment data to understand current shopping trends and adapt their marketing and sales strategies accordingly. This data can help in inventory management, promotional planning, and price optimization to match consumer demand.

Market expansion decisions: Companies looking to expand into new markets can use our consumer expenditure intelligence to determine the best product offerings and marketing strategies to employ by region.

Economic forecasting: Economists and financial analysts use our consumption spending sentiment data to forecast economic conditions, helping in the prediction of recessions or economic booms.

Workforce planning: HR departments and staffing agencies can use our employment sentiment data to identify trends in job creation and layoffs, helping them to plan recruitment or downsizing activities more effectively.

Economic development: Policymakers can use our employment sentiment data to gauge the health of the labour market and formulate policies that promote job creation and workforce training programs.

Investment decisions: Investors and analysts can use our employment sentiment data to look for employment trends as a key economic indicator to assess the economic stability of a region or sector, influencing investment decisions.

Macroeconomic analysis: Our GDP sentiment data is crucial for governments and economic planners to assess the overall health of the economy, make informed decisions about fiscal policy, and plan for economic growth.

Investment strategy: Investors can use our GDP sentiment data to make decisions about where to allocate resources, choosing to invest in countries or regions with strong and stable economic growth.

Business cycle analysis: Companies can use our GDP sentiment data to plan their business strategies according to the phase of the economic cycle, anticipating downturns or capitalizing on growth periods.

International trade decisions: Businesses engaged in international trade can use our GDP sentiment data to assess the economic viability and risk of trading with or investing in certain countries.

Macro-economic analysis:

Central banks, government agencies, and economic research institutes can use our inflation rate sentiment data to assess overall economic health, monitor inflation trends, and inform monetary policy decisions. By understanding inflation dynamics, policymakers can implement appropriate measures to achieve price stability and promote sustainable economic growth.

Investment strategy formulation:

Asset managers, portfolio managers, and investment analysts can incorporate our inflation rate sentiment data into investment strategies to hedge against inflation risks and capitalize on inflationary trends. By analyzing historical inflation data and forecasting future inflation rates, investors can adjust asset allocations, select inflation-protected securities, and optimize portfolio performance in different inflationary environments.

Risk management:

Corporate treasurers, risk managers, and financial executives can use our inflation rate data to monitor inflation rate sentiment and potential effects on input costs, pricing strategies, and consumer demand, thereby mitigating inflation-related risks, adjusting budgeting and forecasting models, and implementing strategies to protect profit margins


We aggregate data from a wide range of high global full news sources, ensuring comprehensive coverage of consumer spending trends. We also use advanced sentiment data analysis to provide deeper sentiment insights into consumer spending behaviour.

We aggregate data from 2018 to the present, allowing users to track and analyze long-term patterns and fluctuations in sentiment around consumer spending, employment, GDP and inflation, as well as providing real-time insights. 

By offering in-depth analysis and insights into sentiment around consumer spending, employment, GDP and inflation, our data empowers businesses to understand shifts in economic drivers, and sentiment trends. This knowledge allows businesses to make informed decisions and drive growth strategies tailored to evolving consumer demands.

Yes, our data feeds can be customized to cater to specific regions, providing tailored insights relevant to your needs, giving you the flexibility to analyze trends in your target markets.

Our methodology for sentiment analysis is grounded in sophisticated algorithms designed to extract and analyze sentiment from a vast array of news sources. We start by gathering data from global full news sources covering a broad spectrum of economic factors, including GDP, inflation, employment, and other relevant indicators.

Next, our advanced algorithms meticulously process this data, identifying key sentiments expressed within each news article or report. These sentiments are categorized and analyzed to determine the overall sentiment polarity towards specific economic factors.

Our approach goes beyond simple keyword analysis, incorporating natural language processing (NLP) techniques to understand the nuanced context and tone of each piece of news. This enables us to capture the subtleties of sentiment expressed by journalists, experts, and commentators across various economic topics.

Furthermore, our algorithms are continually refined and optimized through machine learning and AI techniques, ensuring accuracy and relevance in sentiment analysis. By leveraging these sophisticated methodologies, we provide users with valuable insights into public sentiment surrounding economic factors, empowering them to make informed decisions and anticipate shifts in economic conditions effectively.

Our pricing for economic data intelligence feeds is structured per category and is based on the number of seats you require for the data feed. We offer flexible pricing options ranging from a single seat for individual users to business and enterprise levels for larger organizations with multiple users. The pricing may vary depending on the specific categories of economic data you require access to and the level of subscription you choose. For more detailed pricing information tailored to your needs, please contact our team at, and they will be happy to assist you further.

With Permutable AI’s economic data intelligence , you can access real-time insights into key economic indicators, enabling proactive decision-making and risk management in an ever-changing economic landscape. Harness the power of our platform to stay ahead of economic trends, identify opportunities, and navigate market uncertainties with confidence.