Supply Chain Analytics

Permutable, utilizing its advanced internal database, has the capability to accurately triangulate and map out intricate connections within supply chains and various other entity threads that relate to target companies. This powerful feature is showcased in our freely available application, which not only reveals the relationship links between entities but also provides detailed relationship scores, offering a comprehensive understanding of these connections.

Users have the opportunity to explore this interactive network by selecting from an extensive list of over 5000 companies. Once a company is chosen, the application generates a dynamic network map, visually depicting how the selected company is interconnected with others in its industry and beyond. This map is not just a visual tool but also an analytical one, as it highlights the strength and nature of each link, giving insights into the company’s position within the larger network.

This tool is especially valuable for professionals in business analysis, supply chain management, and market research, as it provides a clear and detailed picture of corporate networks, helping in identifying key players, potential partners, or competitors. Whether you’re conducting in-depth industry analysis or simply exploring market dynamics, this app offers a unique perspective into the complex web of corporate relationships.

Experience the power of network analysis and gain deeper insights into the corporate world by choosing a company from our comprehensive list and exploring its network map today.

Supply Chain Indicator Map