Welcome to the hub of Permutable AI’s ESG intelligence offerings. Our solutions have been developed to provide a clear understanding and effective management of ESG factors, essential for today’s organisations.


Dive into our ESG database of real-time company ESG reports based on news sentiment analysis to gain actionable insights and enhance your sustainable investment decisions.


Our advanced real-time tracking and analytics reveal the dynamics of supply chain networks, giving you a detailed understanding of relational structures and risks critical for informed decision-making.


With our real time ESG tracker API, monitor ESG activities of over 1.1 million companies across our ESG dataset in real time, drawing from a diverse pool of data for comprehensive ESG intelligence.


Access critical insights into corporate emissions, understand net zero targets and initiatives, examine the feasibility of net zero announcements and explore how this fit with within corporate ESG governance and sustainability practices.


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Empower your decision-making with our cutting-edge ESG data analytics and intelligence services. From sustainable investment strategies to supply chain resilience, our real-time analytics and ESG data sets provide actionable insights for businesses, investors, and policymakers alike.

Asset managers, investment funds, and individual investors focused on sustainable investing benefit from accessing our real-time company ESG reports, leveraging our news sentiment analysis to gain actionable insights to inform investment decisions. Evaluating ESG factors using our ESG data analytics enables investors to identify companies with robust sustainability practices, thereby identifying opportunities with long-term value potential.

Supply chain managers, procurement professionals, and risk analysts in industries such as manufacturing, retail, and logistics can use our supply chain insights to mitigate risks. Our real-time tracking and analytics provide a comprehensive overview of supply chain dynamics and identify potential risks. This proactive approach facilitates the optimization of supplier relationships, enhancing resilience, reducing risk and promoting sustainability within their supply chains.

Corporate sustainability officers and  compliance teams can use our  real-time ESG analytics and monitoring to track ESG activity across their company entity, staying updated on ESG performance and risks throughout their business operations, enabling compliance with ESG standards, enhancing corporate sustainability initiatives, and maintaining transparency with stakeholders.

Corporations, investors, policymakers, NGOs and campaigners committed to climate action can leverage our net zero targets data to support decision-making and action related to climate change mitigation. Our data facilitates access to critical insights into corporate emissions, net-zero targets, and initiatives, and the ability to assess strategies against global climate goals. 

Risk management professionals, M&A advisors, and investment analysts can use our ESG data analytics when incorporating ESG factors into risk assessment and due diligence processes. By using our ESG data, clients can identify potential risks and opportunities associated with environmental, social, and governance issues. This enables informed decision-making in mergers and acquisitions, investment evaluations, and loan underwriting, ultimately mitigating risks and maximizing value for stakeholders.

Corporate risk managers and executives can use our global conflicts news sentiment data to monitor geopolitical risks, pandemics, and other global events that may impact business operations, supply chains, and financial performance. By analyzing sentiment data and news coverage, organizations can proactively identify and mitigate risks, ensuring business continuity and resilience.


We harness data from a diverse range of global sources specifically curated for ESG factors. These include reputable news outlets, regulatory filings, company reports, NGO publications, and social media platforms. Our advanced sentiment analysis techniques provide deeper insights into the sentiment surrounding ESG-related issues and trends.

Our ESG data intelligence includes historical data spanning several years, enabling clients to conduct comprehensive trend analysis and benchmarking efforts. Accessing historical data allows for a deeper understanding of past ESG practices and trends, informing strategic decision-making and sustainability initiatives.

Absolutely. Our ESG data analytics and intelligence is tailored to meet the needs of asset managers and hedge funds seeking comprehensive insights into ESG factors. Whether you’re looking to integrate ESG considerations into investment strategies, assess ESG risks, or identify sustainable investment opportunities, our platform provides the data and analytics necessary to make informed decisions aligned with your investment objectives.

Our platform processes an extensive volume of ESG data daily, with over 500,000 articles sourced from a diverse range of global publications. This ensures that you have access to real-time insights and trends regarding ESG issues, market developments, and stakeholder perceptions, empowering you to stay ahead of the curve in your investment decisions.

Yes, we provide both historical datasets and a continuous feed of ESG data to meet your specific needs. Whether you require historical data for trend analysis, backtesting investment strategies, or real-time updates to inform your decision-making, our platform offers the flexibility to access the data you need when you need it.

Yes, we offer API access for seamless integration of ESG data into your existing systems and workflows. Our API allows you to retrieve ESG data programmatically, enabling automated analysis, reporting, and decision-making processes. This ensures that you can leverage our data intelligence platform to its full potential within your organization.

Our platform aggregates data from over 5,000 reputable sources worldwide, ensuring comprehensive coverage of ESG-related news, reports, and insights. These sources span a wide range of industries, regions, and languages, providing you with a holistic view of global ESG trends and developments.

Our ESG data covers 120 countries, offering insights into local, regional and global ESG factors.  Whether you’re investing in emerging markets or established economies, our platform provides the data and analytics necessary to navigate the complexities of ESG investing on a global scale.

For information on pricing and subscription options for our ESG data intelligence services, please contact We offer flexible pricing models tailored to the needs of our clients, ensuring access to high-quality ESG insights at competitive rates. Whether you’re a large institutional investor or a boutique asset manager, we have solutions to support your ESG data intelligence needs.

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