Welcome to our Network Analysis Tool, designed to provide insights into supplier and customer relationships within a select data set.



Begin by entering the name of the company you are interested in exploring in the designated search box. This will be your starting point for uncovering supply chain and customer relationship links


If you’re particularly interested in strong relationships, make sure to check the “Strong Relationships Only” option before you submit your query. This filter will refine the results to show only the most significant connections.


Once you’ve entered the company name and set your filters, click the “Submit” button to generate the network map


The network map in the free version displays first-tier supplier and customer relationships for the selected company. This includes visual representations of these direct relationships and key announcements related to them.

If a company is not displayed in your search results, it means that it is not included in the free version’s dataset, which covers 118 companies. This limitation is due to the scope of the sample data set provided with the free version.

The free tool is ideal for initial explorations of sector supplier breakdowns, threat identification, supplier relationship investigations, and source data analysis. It provides a foundational overview of the relationships and dynamics within a select set of companies.

The Business and Enterprise versions provide access to more detailed information, including second-tier supplier and customer relationships. They encompass a larger dataset of 5,000 (Business) and 200,000 (Enterprise) companies, scanned from 50,000 (Business) and 250,000 (Enterprise) websites, and include second tier supplier and customer relationships (Business) and comprehensive network degrees that integrate suppliers, customers, and regulators (Enterprise).

Upgrading to our Business or Enterprise versions allows users to benefit from enhanced scanning capabilities and extended datasets. These features enable more comprehensive analyses and broader exploration of corporate networks, providing deeper insights that can significantly refine your business strategies and decision-making processes.

Accordion Co upgrade your access and utilize the full capabilities of our tool, including the extended datasets and advanced features of the Business or Enterprise versions, please make an enquiry about these versions by getting in touch at Upgrading will equip you with the necessary tools for a more thorough and wide-ranging analysis of corporate networks.