Novel ways of extracting trading edge

Permutable first started its roots as a proprietary trading software provider for the largest global energy houses in 2018.  Using over 20 years of capital markets experience from its founders and combining with modern machine learning techniques, we have been able to explore novel ways of determining trading edge extracted from all information source types. We have invested in human-to-AI knowledge transfer features with the ability to mass deploy our models. Our stack allows us to understand global investor response to specific and topical types of events whether on global macro or corporate activity.

Company Tracking

  • Permutable holds one of the largest and most comprehensive datasets on corporate media coverage, we track over 1.1 million companies with coverage in 120 countries 
  • Using natural language processing models inspired by GPT-3 transformer models and modern data science techniques to create our industrial sized datasets
  • Our NLP engine is able to ‘read’ news and other data sources in the way a human would and can use this understanding to build up a sentiment map of the material.
  • Our data is delivered in real time to generate product news flow
  • Automated data categorisation and tagging
  • Analysis of institutional investor response to media and how it affects their share ownership

Pricing Topology

  • R2 – a state-of-art machine learning based trading platform. The core function is to systematically deliver technical trading entry points across a wide number of tradeable securities