Permutable AI unveils groundbreaking Supply Chain Links Monitor to improve corporate transparency

Permutable AI is proud to announces the launch of its latest innovation, the Supply Chain Links Monitor. This cutting-edge product marks a significant advancement in the field, offering a dynamic solution tailored to elevate supply chain due diligence and corporate transparency for professionals across various sectors.

The year 2024 heralds a transformative era for businesses, where the focus on transparent and responsible supply chains has become imperative. With regulatory shifts, such as the rigorous due diligence laws implemented by the EU, combined with heightened consumer awareness and investor pressure for ethical sourcing and environmental accountability, a critical inflection point has emerged. Navigating these converging currents requires businesses to prioritise supply chain transparency and proactive due diligence.

Key features of the Supply Chain Links Monitor

Permutable AI’s Supply Chain Links Monitor introduces three tiers of enterprise relationships, providing real-time feeds, customizable data windows, and an unparalleled level of supply chain transparency. This revolutionary tool delivers invaluable insights, empowering professionals to navigate sector supplier breakdowns, conduct threat analysis, and investigate relationships with precision.

Wilson Chan, Founder & CEO at Permutable AI, emphasises, “With Supply Chain Links Monitor, professionals can navigate the complexities of the supply chain landscape with unparalleled precision and transparency. It’s not just about monitoring suppliers; it’s about shaping the future of supply chain intelligence and fostering a more sustainable and compliant business environment.”

Product specifications

The Supply Chain Links Monitor comes in three versions – Free, Business, and Enterprise – each tailored to meet the diverse needs of professionals. Key features include real-time feeds, API access, and customizable date windows, making it an indispensable tool for decision-makers.

Free Version: Provides access to first-tier supplier and customer relationships with a sample data set of 118 companies and respective announcements. Use-cases encompass sector supplier breakdowns, threat identification, supplier relationship investigation, and source data analysis.

Business Version: Access to first and second-tier supplier and customer relationships, based on data scanned from 50,000 websites with a data set of 5,000 companies. Introduces a taxonomy filter including environmental, social, governance, and business categories, with full-page extracts, customizable date windows, and extended use-cases for new supplier announcements and M&A due diligence.

Enterprise Version: Offers a comprehensive and unlimited network degree, including suppliers, customers, and regulators. Enhanced scanning capabilities across 250,000 websites, providing information on 200,000 available companies. Expanded taxonomy filter with further customization options. Entire page extracts, real-time feed, API access, and customizable date windows mirror the business version’s use-cases.

Coca Cola corporate transparency supply chain links monitor

Above: Coca-Cola Supply Chain Links Monitor relationships

This breakthrough solution is available now empowering supply chain, compliance. corporates, M&A, private equity and public relations professionals to make informed decisions, and achieve a new level of  corporate transparency in their supply chains and business decisions/take a more proactive approach to protecting their brand reputation. Permutable AI invites small enterprises and global corporations alike to unlock the potential of their business relationships with this groundbreaking tool.

Elevate your supply chain intelligence

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