Managing reputation risk with Permutable AI’s sentiment analysis

This case study explores how Permutable AI’s advanced sentiment analysis capabilities aided a client in effectively managing their reputation risk. By leveraging Permutable AI’s cutting-edge technology, the client successfully monitored and analyzed public sentiment, allowing them to proactively address potential reputation threats and maintain a positive brand image.

Client Background:

Our client is a well-known multinational corporation operating in a highly competitive industry. As a company with a strong commitment to corporate responsibility and brand reputation, they recognized the importance of monitoring public sentiment and promptly addressing any negative perceptions that could impact their business.

Challenges of Managing Reputation Risk:

The client faced significant challenges in managing their reputation risk due to the vast amount of data generated across social media platforms, news outlets, and online forums. The manual monitoring and analysis of this extensive information proved time-consuming, making it difficult for the client to detect and respond to emerging reputation issues in a timely manner.


The client turned to Permutable AI, a leading provider of sentiment analysis solutions. Permutable AI’s advanced natural language processing algorithms and machine learning models offered the client a powerful tool to monitor, analyze, and interpret sentiment expressed in various online channels. By leveraging Permutable AI’s expertise, the client aimed to gain actionable insights into public sentiment surrounding their brand and products.


Permutable AI’s sentiment analysis solution was seamlessly integrated into the client’s reputation management framework. The client’s team gained access to Permutable AI’s user-friendly platform, which allowed them to monitor real-time sentiment across multiple data sources, including social media platforms, news articles, customer reviews, and online discussions. Permutable AI’s platform provided sentiment scores, sentiment trends, and comprehensive sentiment reports for further analysis.


By harnessing the capabilities of Permutable AI’s sentiment analysis, the client achieved significant improvements in managing their reputation risk. The following outcomes highlight the effectiveness of Permutable AI’s solution:

  • Early Detection of Reputation Threats: Permutable AI’s real-time monitoring enabled the client to swiftly identify shifts in sentiment towards their brand or specific products. By detecting negative sentiment early on, the client could promptly address emerging issues, initiate appropriate mitigation strategies, and minimize potential reputational damage.
  • Proactive Crisis Management: Permutable AI’s sentiment analysis provided the client with valuable insights into the nature and intensity of public sentiment during a crisis. Armed with this information, the client’s communication and public relations teams could craft tailored crisis management strategies, ensuring prompt and effective responses to mitigate negative sentiment and restore trust.
  • Sentiment-based Strategy Alignment: Permutable AI’s sentiment analysis reports provided the client with granular insights into the specific aspects of their brand or products that generated positive or negative sentiment. This knowledge helped the client align their business strategies, marketing campaigns, and product development initiatives with the preferences and expectations of their target audience, thereby enhancing brand perception and customer satisfaction.
  • Improved Stakeholder Engagement: By monitoring sentiment across various channels, the client gained a deeper understanding of their stakeholders’ perceptions and concerns. This valuable insight allowed them to proactively engage with their audience, address concerns, and reinforce positive sentiment through tailored communication and engagement strategies.


Permutable AI’s sentiment analysis solution proved instrumental in helping our client effectively manage reputation risk. By leveraging Permutable AI’s advanced technology, the client achieved early detection of reputation threats, proactive crisis management, sentiment-based strategy alignment, and improved stakeholder engagement. The ability to monitor public sentiment in real-time empowered the client to swiftly respond to emerging issues, protect their brand reputation, and maintain a positive image in the eyes of their stakeholders.

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