Permutable AI releases data on companies that are greenwashing according to our GreenProof framework

In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate sustainability, it’s imperative to scrutinize companies that are greenwashing – those employing deceptive tactics to portray environmental responsibility. In this article, we delve into recent examples of claims made by financial institutions and examine companies that are known for greenwashing. Our goal is to shed light on the specific areas where these companies are either gaining or losing ground in their sustainability efforts.

Screening For Companies That Are Greenwashing

Using our proprietary greenwashing framework, we’ve examined a range of companies to gauge their commitment to environmental responsibility. Here are some of the notable ones, each with their Consistency Section and Communication Section scores:

Apple: Consistency Section Score: 0.9715 | Communication Section Score: 0.9525 | Final Score: 0.925-

JP Morgan Chase: Consistency Section Score: 0.8755 | Communication Section Score: 0.935 | Final Score: 0.819

Scotiabank Chile: Consistency Section Score: 0.8 | Communication Section Score: 0.955 | Final Score: 0.764

Invesco Ltd: Consistency Section Score: 0.82 | Communication Section Score: 0.9 | Final Score: 0.738

AIB Group plc: Consistency Section Score: 0.8 | Communication Section Score: 0.86 | Final Score: 0.688

Bank of Ireland: Consistency Section Score: 0.8 | Communication Section Score: 0.6225 | Final Score: 0.498

Diversa Trustees: Consistency Section Score: 0.698 | Communication Section Score: 0.455 | Final Score: 0.318

Deutsche Bank: Consistency Section Score: 0.5 | Communication Section Score: 0.565 | Final Score: 0.283

BlackRock: Consistency Section Score: 0.47 | Communication Section Score: 0.5375 | Final Score: 0.253

Among these, we’ve focused on three companies notorious for greenwashing: Deutsche Bank, Diversa Trustees, and BlackRock. On the flip side, Apple stands out as an exemplar of sustainability and environmental, social, and governance values.

Negative Ground Truth Examples

Deutsche Bank

In 2019, Deutsche Bank pledged to align with the UN Principles for Responsible Banking and aimed to reach EUR 200 billion in sustainable financing and investments by 2025. However, in 2023, the bank faced allegations of greenwashing its sustainable investment products, which were found to fall short of genuine sustainability standards.

Diversa Trustees

This company claimed to prevent investments in environmentally harmful activities and poor corporate governance. In 2022, ASIC expressed concerns about the broadness of their statements regarding investment screening, leading to a $13,320 AUD fine for potentially misleading consumers.


BlackRock projected that by 2030, the majority of its investments would be with issuers committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, in 2022, BlackRock faced criticism for continuing investments in fossil fuels, contributing to climate change despite its sustainability claims.

From our analysis, two forms of greenwashing emerge: blatant deception and vague, misleading claims. While Deutsche Bank and BlackRock fall into the former category, Diversa Trustees leans towards the latter.

Consistency Section Comparison

In the Consistency Section, Diversa Trustees, despite its vague claims, achieved the highest score. Although it had a lower impact score, it excelled in local alignment, indicating that its corporate policies closely matched its claims. Deutsche Bank and BlackRock scored lower in this section due to their failure to meet their claimed outcomes.

Local Alignment Comparison

Diversa Trustees: 1
Deutsche Bank: 0.4
BlackRock: 0.4

Communication Section Comparison

Diversa Trustees scored poorly in the Communication Section due to the vagueness of their claims, making transparency and exposure challenging. Although Deutsche Bank and BlackRock also struggled with claim promotion, their more transparent and specific claims improved their scores compared to Diversa Trustees.

Communication Section Scores

Diversa Trustees: 0.455
Deutsche Bank: 0.565
BlackRock: 0.5375

Comparison of Communication Section Scores

Positive Ground Truth Example: Apple

Apple is a shining example of a company with a genuine commitment to sustainability. With Consistency Section Score of 0.9715 and Communication Section Score of 0.9525, Apple’s Final Score is an impressive 0.925.

Apple’s claims are aligned with global targets, company policies, and initiatives. They maintain transparency, and their claims are well-exposed across various platforms. Furthermore, Apple consistently implements innovative, environmentally-friendly practices in its product manufacturing processes. Their consistent efforts in reducing their carbon footprint are evident in every new product launch.

Apple’s Expanded Score Breakdown

Delving deeper into Apple’s scores, we find a comprehensive evaluation:

Transparency: 0.955
Impact: 1
Exposure: 0.95
Global Alignment: 0.8575
Local Alignment: 1

Apple’s claims are highly transparent, leaving no room for ambiguity. Their commitment to sustainability has a tangible impact, with quantifiable results. These claims are widely exposed, making them accessible to stakeholders. Additionally, Apple aligns with both global targets and its internal policies and initiatives.

Conclusion: The Fight Against Greenwashing

The assessment of companies that are greenwashing and those who are making genuine sustainability claims highlights the critical importance of transparency, clear claims, and genuine commitment to sustainability. While some companies resort to deceptive tactics or vague statements, others, like Apple, set the standard for responsible corporate practices.

As consumers become increasingly environmentally conscious and as new regulations to combat greenwashing come into effect, it’s imperative for businesses to uphold the principles of corporate responsibility and sustainability genuinely. By holding companies accountable for their claims, we can collectively push for a more transparent and sustainable corporate landscape.

In our ongoing pursuit of a greener future, it’s crucial to recognise the efforts of companies genuinely committed to sustainability while also remaining vigilant against those that engage in greenwashing practices. By doing so, we can contribute to a more environmentally responsible world and encourage responsible business practices that benefit us all.

The Path Forward: Transforming Our Framework Into a Universal Tool

Permutable AI is at the forefront of the fight against greenwashing. Our proprietary greenwashing framework has shed light on deceptive practices and showcased genuine sustainability leaders like Apple.

Our next step is to secure funding to further develop this framework into a user-friendly product that all stakeholders, from consumers to investors, can access. By making our greenwashing detection tool widely available, we empower individuals and organizations to make informed choices and hold businesses accountable. Get in touch to find out more.

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