Permutable announces partnership with ESG Enterprise

Permutable is pleased to announce the agreement of a global partnership with Houston-based ESG Enterprise, a leading US ESG data, reporting and carbon management SaaS company.

Under the agreement, Permutable will supply ESG Enterprise with their best-in-class reputation management services using the company’s proprietary NLP algorithm and ESG database, to create one of the largest and most complete  real-time ESG  databases in the industry.

This includes data on 50,000 of the world’s biggest public and private companies across  60 different ESG metrics and ESG scores designed to incontestably and objectively measure a company’s ESG performance within key themes including racism, discrimination, air pollution, mineral mining, recycling, slave labour, product liability, ethical supply chain management and many more. The database also include geo location tagging enabling searches by city and country.

Wilson Chan, CEO of Permutable said, “The ESG Enterprise platform is being used by companies in every sector possible – their global reach and client portfolio is second to none. Our joint services and ability to scale will enable the investment community to quickly make more informed assessments of how companies are impacting the planet and its communities.”

Alan Lee, President of ESG Enterprise said, “We are extremely pleased to sign this partnership with Permutable, a company with the best ESG Machine Learning expertise and track records. With their reputation and sentiment analysis, we are now able to extend our ESG reputation services to our 1,200 companies on our platform. we are excited about the many advantages such a partnership can offer to the ESG community and its stakeholders”

The new partnership allows both companies to share insights, develop new business and provide client support in both the US and Europe without the need to build new teams in both countries.

To find out more about the partnership or to book a demo or take a tour of Permutable’s ESG database please get in touch below.

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