Enhancing ESG investments with Permutable AI’s ESG data

In this case study, we explore how Permutable AI’s comprehensive ESG data has assisted an institutional investor client in making informed and sustainable investment decisions. By leveraging Permutable AI’s cutting-edge technology and expansive data coverage, the client was able to improve their ESG investments, strategies and achieve their sustainability goals.

Client Background:

Our client is a prominent institutional investor with a strong commitment to integrating ESG factors into their investment process. With a diverse portfolio and a desire to align their investments with sustainable practices, they sought a reliable partner to provide them with robust ESG data and insights.

ESG Investments Challenges:

The client faced several challenges when it came to ESG investments. They struggled to gather accurate and up-to-date ESG information on their target companies, resulting in incomplete assessments. Additionally, the sheer volume of available ESG data made it difficult for the client to extract meaningful insights and identify investment opportunities that aligned with their specific criteria.


The client partnered with Permutable AI, a leading provider of ESG data solutions. Permutable AI’s platform offered a comprehensive and constantly updated dataset that covered a wide range of ESG indicators across various industries and geographies. Leveraging their advanced machine learning algorithms, Permutable AI provided the client with customized ESG metrics tailored to their investment strategy.


Permutable AI’s ESG data was seamlessly integrated into the client’s existing investment processes. The client’s research team gained access to Permutable AI’s user-friendly platform, which allowed them to analyze and compare ESG scores, trends, and rankings across their investment universe. They also received regular reports and alerts highlighting ESG-related news, controversies, and emerging risks.


By utilizing Permutable AI’s ESG data, the institutional investor client achieved notable improvements in their ESG investment outcomes. Here are some key results:

  • Enhanced ESG Due Diligence: The client significantly improved their ability to assess the ESG performance of potential investments. By leveraging Permutable AI’s comprehensive dataset, they gained deeper insights into companies’ environmental impact, social responsibility initiatives, and governance practices, enabling them to make more informed decisions.
  • Increased Portfolio Sustainability: With Permutable AI’s data-driven approach, the client successfully aligned their portfolio with their sustainability goals. They identified and invested in companies that demonstrated strong ESG practices, leading to a portfolio that exhibited better risk management, reduced exposure to controversies, and improved long-term sustainability prospects.
  • Improved Risk Mitigation: Permutable AI’s platform provided the client with real-time ESG risk alerts and customized reports, enabling them to identify and address potential ESG risks early on. This proactive approach to risk management helped the client mitigate reputational, regulatory, and operational risks associated with ESG issues.
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Communication: Armed with accurate and credible ESG data, the client was able to communicate their investment decisions more effectively to stakeholders. They could transparently demonstrate their commitment to responsible investing, thereby strengthening their relationships with clients, shareholders, and regulatory bodies.


Permutable AI’s ESG data solutions proved instrumental in empowering our institutional investor client to make informed and sustainable investment decisions. By leveraging Permutable AI’s comprehensive and up-to-date dataset, the client successfully integrated ESG considerations into their investment process, leading to enhanced portfolio sustainability, improved risk management, and effective stakeholder communication.

As the demand for ESG investing continues to grow, partnering with innovative data providers like Permutable AI can unlock valuable insights and drive positive change in the investment industry. 

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