Permutable AI chosen as finalist for European Supply Chain Start-up Contest 2023

Supply chain start-up and ESG intelligence provider Permutable AI is thrilled to announce its selection as one of the three finalists for the European Supply Chain Start-up Contest 2023.

The European Supply Chain Start-up Contest, organized by Supply Chain Media, is a highly respected competition that recognizes the best and brightest companies in the supply chain industry. Permutable AI has been chosen as a finalist for its outstanding contributions to supply chain technology and its potential to transform the industry.

Best In Class Technology

Permutable AI utilizes cutting-edge AI technology and natural language processing models, inspired by GPT-3 transformer models, to provide full media reporting of suppliers across 200,000 public and private companies. This allows them to address adverse ESG activity and perception scores in real-time, supported by geolocation and incident tagging and tracking across 120 countries in 20 languages, and 2 millions sources.

By using Permutable AI’s supply chain monitoring technology, companies are able to discover accurate supply chain risks across environmental, social, and governance factors in real-time, empowering them to act swiftly and efficiently by accessing high-quality, granular, and timely data through incident tracking and geolocation tracking.

Permutable AI’s CEO, Wilson Chan, expressed his excitement about being recognised as a supply chain start-up and participating in the inNOWvate Supply Chain Event in the Netherlands on May 11th, where the finals of the contest will take place. He described it as a fantastic opportunity for the company to showcase its innovative solutions and share its vision for the future of the supply chain industry.

The Importance of ESG Due Diligence

Chan emphasized the importance of ESG due diligence in operations, stating that companies that incorporate this approach are able to make more proactive and informed decisions about what types of business activities to pursue and with which supplier partners. This approach also helps companies position themselves better for future success and reduce the potential financial or reputational impact of potential negative outcomes.

Permutable AI is committed to demonstrating the value of its technology as a supply chain start-up and ESG intelligence provider and its potential to revolutionize supply chain management and honoured that the organizers of the European Supply Chain Start-up Contest have recognized its potential by selecting it as a finalist.

Don’t let supply chain risks threaten the success of your business. Contact us at Permutable AI to learn more about our cutting-edge AI technology and natural language processing models that provide real-time monitoring of suppliers across 120 countries in 20 languages and 1.7 million sources. Our innovative solutions for supply chain due diligence help you identify and address environmental, social, and governance risks before they become major problems. Let us help you make informed decisions and position your company for future success. 

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