Permutable AI CEO attends APPG on whistleblowing in tech industry at UK Parliament  

whistleblowing in tech

This Whistleblowing Awareness Week our CEO Wilson Chan attended the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Whistleblowing in the tech industry roundtable, where the and delicate balance needed to foster a prosperous AI industry while maintaining ethical standards was discussed. The consensus: light-touch regulation is essential, but its effectiveness hinges on a robust culture of whistleblowing. … Read more

Navigating sustainability: The imperative of supply chain transparency in combatting greenwashing

supply chain transparency

In today’s globalized world, understanding supply chain transparency is crucial for businesses seeking to combat greenwashing and truly embrace sustainable practices. This article delves into the impact of greenwashing on sustainable business, the importance of ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility, strategies for supply chain transparency, and collaborative efforts towards combatting greenwashing. Through case studies and … Read more

Johnson & Johnson ESG Score: A closer look at sustainability and corporate responsibility

Johnson & Johnson ESG score

Johnson & Johnson, a renowned multinational corporation, has long been recognized as a leader in the healthcare industry but how do they rank in terms of ESG activity? We take a closer look at the Johnson & Johnson ESG score in this article…. The Importance of ESG Scores ESG refers to the three key factors … Read more

Charting the future: AI job displacement and transformative role evolution

AI job displacement

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, the future promises a profound impact on the job market, with implications extending beyond mere displacement. Wilson Chan, CEO of Permutable AI, provides a thought-provoking commentary AI job displacement, how AI is set to revolutionize the job market, simultaneously displacing existing roles and giving rise to a new … Read more

Financial markets: Unveiling the influential factors behind Meta stock price fluctuations

Meta stock price

. In this article, we will delve deep into the world of Meta stock price fluctuations, shedding light on the various elements that contribute to its ever-changing valuation. From historical trends and industry news to analyst recommendations and investor sentiment, we will explore the multifaceted dynamics that shape Meta stock prices. By the end of … Read more

Berkshire Hathaway ESG score: A comprehensive analysis

berkshire hathaway esg score

In our next instalment in our series of ESG deep dives we take a closer look at the Berkshire Hathaway ESG score according to our data. ESG criteria has gained significant traction in the world of investing. ESG factors are used to evaluate a company’s impact on the world and to determine the sustainability and … Read more

The increasing role of ESG in corporate decision making

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and finance, ESG criteria have emerged as fundamental pillars guiding corporate decision-making. Today, companies are not only judged by their bottom lines but also by their broader impact on society and the environment. This shift towards greater responsibility has significantly reshaped the corporate world, placing ESG at the forefront … Read more

Permutable AI unveils deforestation impact rankings: Companies perceived to be at the forefront

deforestation impact rankings

Permutable AI  has recently unveiled its deforestation impact rankings. This comprehensive ranking system based on our sentiment analysis sheds light on the environmental practices of major corporations and their perceived impact on deforestation. The data serves as a valuable resource for investors, consumers, and stakeholders concerned about the ecological impact of major corporations. Despite the … Read more

Addressing greenwashing in Southeast Asia: A region-specific imperative

Greenwashing in South East Asia

The global landscape of sustainability has reached an inflection point. Awareness of environmental and social concerns is at an all-time high, and as a result, consumers, investors, and regulators are demanding greater transparency and authenticity from businesses. In Southeast Asia, this wave of sustainability fervor is both a tremendous opportunity and a complex challenge. The … Read more

Permutable AI CEO statement on European AI regulation update

European AI regulation

In a groundbreaking development towards shaping the future of artificial intelligence, France, Germany, and Italy have recently finalised an agreement on the regulation of AI. This important strategic move  highlights a collaborative effort among European nations to establish a cohesive framework that promotes responsible AI practices, addressing the complex challenges posed by this transformative technology. … Read more